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How to Backup and Restore File Activation for Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008 and Office 2010

How to Backup and Restore File Activation for Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008 and Office 2010

Sometimes we are faced with the problem that tiba2 windows does not work perfectly, being slow or heavily infected, and the satu2nya is reformatting the computer. Reformatting the computer or laptop and install back windows operating system almost be said very easily, CD / DVD (pirated) Windows 7 is available in the market much, probably will be additional work if we buy a computer with the operating system Original (licensed) from computer stores, usually laptop / computer which included the original windows system there will be a sticker with numbers OEM (CD-KEY) Windows 7 Genuine. This then is needed if we want to re-activate windows 7 we come back to be used again, but most of them have to be done online, even sometimes which Microsoft will not immediately re-enable CD-KEY windows that have been used a second time, sometimes have to go through the phone activation.

Here we will share a trick to be able to backup the registration data windows 7, vista, windows 2008 server and ms office 2010, which is useful tips for backup and then restore back our windows activation files, before we reformat our computers where there is an operating system (ORIGINAL ). We no longer need to activate windows either online or re-enter the CD-KEY is sometimes removed his sticker (usually a laptop below) or call microsoft to activate your genuine windows 7.

Keep in mind we can not use file backed up to a computer / other hardware, no ID is stored in the file that we can not use to computer / another pc. and we also can not be used for different versions of windows, for example, we backup windows 7 home premium activation and can only restore to windows 7 home premium only. But it can work if we want to switch from Windows 32bit and 64bit versions. Download and extract the zip file and right-click its file then select "Run as Administrator"

Advanced Tokens Manager program is very easy to use, just click on "Activation Backup" to backup files on windows tokens.dat we will we will delete or format, do this trick only on windows that Original yah. then a folder called "Windows Activation Backup" file will be created and tokens.dat and file. these, with a few bits of information such as product key, Windows version, token CRC dll file. Save and secure file backupan this. and then format and re-install our windows.
Advanced Tokens Manager is a portable tool that can help us to store information activation windows 8, windows 7, vista, windows 2008 server and also ms office 2010. conducted this program will create a file called tokens.dat where this file contains the registration information that we can use to re-activate windows and also ms office 2010. File holds information activation for Windows and Office 2010. It is similar to wpa.dbl file in windows XP.
At the time of the re-installation of windows, when prompted to enter the product key, do not choose to enter a product key or activate during reinstall. After being on the desktop, run the backup file that we have created, the "Restore activation" will automatically appear.

Click the "Restore Activation" to start the restore process tokens.dat and enter a product key, after a few minutes, the window "Success" will appear, Please check whether windows is activated by right-clicking "My Computer" and select "Properties", if not active, try restarting windows.
How to Backup and Restore File Activation for Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008 and Office 2010
A tool that is very easy to use and effective which helps us to re-activate windows without having to insert the original CD-Key or have to call microsoft. Compatible with Windows 8, Vista, 7, Server 2008/2011 and Office 2010/2013.

Advanced Tokens Manager Requires NET Framework 3.5.
Download Advanced Tokens Manager from link below

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