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5 Step to Recovery Deleted E-mail

5 Step to Recovery Deleted E-mail

In this article, we explain you the step by step process involved to get back the accidentally deleted email. Retrieving a deleted mail is a very simple process and from now on, you need not worry if you have mistakenly deleted a very important email.

You can almost instantly get back the deleted mail back to your inbox, the moment you recognize that you have deleted an important email. Error is human and thus deletion of mails from inbox by mistake is forgivable. This the reason why there are many software available in the market to recover a lost or deleted mail and files.

Check your system and mail box thoroughly. Make sure that the mails or file does not exist in your system at all before rushing for a software or recovery tool. Most email clients save the deleted mails in a folder named ‘trash’ or ‘bin’ for few days even after deletion. This is similar to the recycle bin of our personal computer. Login to your mail account and check this folder to see if you can find the deleted mail. If you still do not find, try searching for the mail using some words that you remember in the subject or body of the lost email. Even try searching for the file in your entire system.

Step 2
In case if the mail is completely deleted from your email client, then the file still has to be found somewhere in your computer with limited accessibility. Do remember that, even if the files are deleted and are moved to trash, they still stay active as long as there is enough memory in the hard disk of your system.

Step 3
Even if after searching the entire system, if you could not find the file located in your system, you need to be quick in finding a good recovery tool to get back your lost file. Always make sure not to delay this process. The slower you are in finding and using a good recovery tool, the lesser are the chances to get the deleted file recovered. As stated earlier, the available free disk space also plays a key role in determining if your file is still accessible or not. So never fill your entire hard disk.
Step 4
There are many recovery software tools available in internet that help you to get bak your deleted file. Most of these do not support all operating systems and make sure that you get the right recovery tool that works on your operating system. In case the recovery tool is not compatible with your operating system, the tool does not work successfully in retrieving your deleted mail. Opt for simple tools that exactly fit your need of retrieving a deleted mail. You do not need a high end and costly recovery softwares that have tons of feature. Any software that can get back a deleted mail is worth enough to try.

Step 5
Few softwares support only particular email services. Read the description carefully before using a tool so that you do waste your precious time with recovery softwares that can be of no help to you. One such is the Data Recovery Wizard which works only with Microsoft Outlook recovery. One of the most popular and widely used free recovery tool is ParetoLogic Data Recovery, that can recovery files from hard disks, SD cards, pen drives etc.

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