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Hard Disk Data Recovery Software, Tools and Service Crashed Hard Drive

Hard Disk Data Recovery Software, Tools and Service Crashed Hard Drive

Your laptop hard disk or desktop hard drive crashed and your technician told you it is going to cost you a bomb to recovery/retrieve all the lost data. Don’t be fooled by his sweat talk, and most important of all, don’t panic! When you are not calm, you’re likely to do something you will regret once the incident is over, just like in a car accident.

Just like you, my hard disk crashed when I was busy rushing for my mid term assignment, I stayed clam, took a deep breath and use a hard drive recovery software to retrieve my damaged hard drive. These software are free of charge, unlike paid hard drive recovery software, these software performed the same task minus the expensive price tag of hundred of dollars. I’ve compiled a few possible scenarios with the respective solutions:

Data Disc Recovery (Software)

Data Disc Recovery is a free hard drive recovery software made available by DAGsoft, it can efficiently scan and recover data from crashed hard disk data in FAT and NTFS format. Besides standard hard disk file recovery data, DDR can also:
  • Data Disc Recovery SoftwareRecover data lost by ’shift – delete’ on FAT partitions
  • Recover any data fragments from drive
  • Search drive through many criterion
  • Searching data directly on HDD, for example scanning free clusters in search for our file
Download Data Disc Recovery (version:

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