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Comodo Time Machine – Windows Restore Point Replacement and Data Recovery

Comodo Time Machine – Windows Restore Point Replacement and Data Recovery

Comodo Time Machine, Windows system restore replacement software that able rollback windows system to an earlier backed up state point in time (including the registry, critical operating system files and user created documents).

Comodo time machine (CTM) interface is easy to understand, which can create system snapshots with a few mouse clicks. Meanwhile, the system snapshots can be done manually or use the schedule them using the Task Scheduler. The most attractive feature of Time Machine is the ability to mount snapshots as separate partitions. This allows you to selectively recover files from snapshots without resetting the entire system.

Comodo Time Machine
Comodo Time Machine Main Features
  • Easy to use – even beginners can quickly create system snapshots with a few mouse clicks
  • Provides instant and comprehensive system recovery after virus or spyware infections
  • Instantly reclaim your machine after devastating system crashes
  • Rollback the changes to ALL your documents – not just changes to system files and the registry
  • Boot-up console allows you to rollback even when your system will not boot to Windows
  • Test new software and network configurations in the knowledge that you can quickly switch back if problems develop
  • Completely remove unwanted software installations without the need to uninstall or clean the registry
  • Download Comodo Time Machine
So, Comodo Time Machine is a very good windows system restore replacement that able to roll back your system to the last known working state in the event of virus attacks or crashes.

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