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CloudBerry Online Backup – Backup and Restore Data on Amazon Simple Storage Storage (S3)

CloudBerry Online Backup – Backup and Restore Data on Amazon Simple Storage Storage (S3)

CloudBerry Online Backup, A powerful online data backup and data restoration software using reliable and fast Amazon Simple storage system (S3) as your offshore data storage. It can automates backup and restore data processes with your Amazon S3 storage accounts and make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable.

The entire CloudBerry Online Backup data backup and restoration progress is easy with their simple-to-use Backup and Restore Wizards. Meanwhile, the online backup software also comes with Backup storage browser helps you quickly locate a file and restore it. Plus more, it will create a version of the backup files every time the file is changed.

CloudBerry Online BackupBeside that, CloudBerry Online Backup developed using Microsoft’s implementation of encryption algorithms for secure data transfer. Unauthorized access to information in the storage is absolutely impossible. Plus more, CloudBerry online backup also has scheduling capabilities automate the backup process.

CloudBerry Online Backup Benefits:
  • Backup and Restore Wizards make this service user friendly
  • Strong data encryption protects your data from unauthorized access
  • Scheduling capabilities automate the backup process
  • Backups are available for recovery 24/7
  • Intuitive interface provides easy file and folder selection capabilities
  • No proprietary storage format. You can access your files using other Amazon S3 tools.
So, CloudBerry Online Backup is an excellent online backup service with great future potential. However, CloudBerry Online Backup is currently available in BETA and hence it’s free to use. Also note that all beta testers will get a FREE commercial license when the product is out! Plus more, CloudBerry Online Backup is definitely free for bloggers, education and non-profit organizations.
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