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Tips Expanding Read Area On Firefox

Tips Expanding Read Area On Firefox

firefoxYou are often using a laptop, or netbook with a small screen size may feel less comfortable when I have to read the (somewhat) long. Small screen size are often "forced" you to often to scroll.

To make you a little more comfortable in reading a long article that you can expand your reading area in the Firefox browser you use. Either way there are as follows :

1. Decrease the size of the icon on the toolbar

The trick is to right click on the navigation toolbar and click customize menu, select the check mark or centhang of Use Small Icons.

2. Hiding Toolbar

By default Firefox will display the toolbar menu, navigation toolbar and bookmarks toolbar. You can hide the toolbar and bookmarks toolbar menu. In order to hide the toolbar menu look at point 3 and 4 below.

3. Personal Menu

Personal MenuWith firefox addons you can hide the toolbar menu or any menu set to be displayed.
Download it here.

4. Tiny Menu

Tiny Menu Firefox AddonFirefox addons this function TinyMenu like Personal menu.
Download here.

5. Tab Kit

Tab Kit Firefox AddonTab Kit Firefox addons can be used to classify the current tab and change the tab from the horizontal position to vertical. Vertical tab position will be more "ideal" if you use a widescreen monitor type.
Download here.

6. GUI Hide Bar

Hide GUI Bar Firefox AddonAfter you install this addons you can hide the navigation toolbar, bookmarks toolbar and statusbar by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A. Press the same button to display the back.
Download here.

Tips on the course not only true for netbook users only. You are using ordinary computer can also use these tips.

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Posted by Tiny Tux, Published at 4:25:00 PM