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Saving Your Money Every Time You Print using InkSaver Software

Saving Your Money Every Time You Print using InkSaver Software

InkSaver 2.0 allows you to control the amount of ink used by your inkjet printer, making your ink cartridges last longer. Using patented software algorithms, InkSaver optimizes printer data so that your printer uses less ink even when printing at your inkjet’s highest resolution.

InkSaver lowers your ink consumption and can extend the life of your ink cartridges by up to 4 times. Unlike printing in Draft mode, InkSaver gives you control over your ink without compromising print quality, regardless of whether you are printing in best, normal or draft mode. But this software not free.

InkSaver works with ALL printer brands including HP®, EPSON®, Canon®, Lexmark® and many more. Inksaver also works with any type of ink or refill kit.

InkSaver work in Any PC running Windows® 2000, XP Home or XP Professional but does not currently support Windows Vista.

How InkSaver work

The InkSaver Printing Process :
  1. The following is a simple flow chart of The InkSaver Printing Process.
  2. When it’s time to print a document, just click Print the way you usually do.
  3. After you click print, your printer driver and application software (such as MS Word) create a print job and send it to the printer.
  4. Before reaching the printer, InkSaver intercepts your print job and unzips it.
  5. InkSaver examines the print job, line by line, intelligently removing and optimizing data. InkSaver works very quickly – you won’t notice any decrease in print speed.
  6. InkSaver zips the print job back up, and sends it on its way to the printer.
  7. Your printer receives and processes the print job and prints your document, using less ink than it normally would!
Download INKSAVER 2.0

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