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How to Reset Waste Ink Counter Epson C110

How to Reset Waste Ink Counter Epson C110

Reset procedure for Epson C110 almost the same as reset Epson C90 or Epson C79. Date setting must be used in the PC for software resetter Epson C110 is 11 April 2008.

Before run resetter for epson c110, change date setting in your computer to run adjustment program for Epson C110 without error, its way :
  • Click Start then select Control Panel. In control panel windows appears select date and time (classis view). If control panel in your computer is category view select “date, time, language, and regional setting” then select date and time, or to open date and time setting quickly double click the clock in the system tray (systray).
  • Then change date setting in the computer to to 11 April 2008

Here Steps by Steps to resetting waste ink counter pad Epson C110 :
  • Download software resetter untuk Epson C110
  • Ekstrak resetter for Epson C110
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Run adjustment program for Epson C110 “AdjProg.exe” file. then Click “Accept”.
  • Select “Particular adjustment mode”.
  • Then select Waste Ink pad Counter then click OK.
  • Click Check button, to read waste ink counter pad, the await til finish.
  • Click Initialization button to reset waste ink counter pad to 0 then click Finish.
  • Turn the printer off the turn on again.
  • Once the process the printer should be normal again.
  • To view the result test print the printer.
For download Adjustment program for Epson C110 (resetter Epson C110) click link below :

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Posted by Tiny Tux, Published at 6:46:00 PM