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How to Fix Blinking in Epson C45 (Resetter Epson C45)

How to Fix Blinking in Epson C45 (Resetter Epson C45)

This methode to reset epson c45 blinking using software resetter. Epson C45 blinking because of counter have full. To back normal again the printer have to be reset. Software resetter for epson c45 can be use SSC service utility or Adjustment Program Epson C45.

Resetting Use Adjustment Program for Epson C45
  • Download Software Adjustment Program for Epson C45
  • Unzip the file C4146.rar and Run file
  • Choose stylus c45 in the model name then klik ok
  • Click Maintenance Tab
  • Check Protection counter to view counter value
  • Clearing protection counter (reset counter to zero)
  • Then click Ok, Ok
  • Done
Note : Adjustment program epson C45 can be use for printer epson C41SX, C41UX, C42SX, C42UX, C43SX, C43UX, C44UX, C46 and ME1

Resetting use SSC service utility
  • Download software SSC service utility sscserve.exe for epson printers (new version sscserve ver 4.30)
  • Install the program
  • Turn on the printer epson c45
  • Then run SSC service utility by click Start – Program – SSC Service utility – SSC Service utility
  • Equalize the configuraton for your printer, for epson C45 select C4X then close configuration windows.
  • Right click SSC service utility icon in System Tray.
  • Then choose reset protection counter
  • Turn off the printer and turn on again (Once the process is complete printer epson c45 normal again)
Download Adjustment Program for Epson C45

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